ORIENS EXTREMUS 60.2023 contains a special section on Contested Concepts and three independent research articles:

Special section

Contested Concepts

Kai Vogelsang

The Concept of “Class” in China’s Transformative Period,1895–1925

Jiang Lingnan 蒋凌楠
trans. Stefan Christ

The Initial Foundation and Dissemination of the CCP’s Concept of jieji 阶级 (Class) (1918–1926)

Stefan Christ

Temporalization and Differentiation: The Formation of the Modern Theater Concepts in Twentieth-Century China

Paul Fahr

The Despotic State Reconsidered: On a Recent Debate in Chinese Academia

Anders Sydskjør

Xunzi 21 “Undoing Blindness”: Saying what the Way is and Knowing What to Do

Marie Schierhorn

Zwischen Gelehrsamkeit und Wissenschaft: Eine wissenschaftssoziologische Neulesung des Shangshu guwen shuzheng

Agostino Sepe

Staring at Horsewomen: Chinese Literati in Manchuria and their Narratives of Self and Other