ORIENS EXTREMUS 59.2022 contains a special section on “Reversing the Gaze”: Post-Orientalist Perspectives on Chinese Political Thought, guest-edited by Federico Brusadelli (University of Naples “L’Orientale”) and Lisa Indraccolo (Tallinn University).

This is the full list of contents:

Special section

“Reversing the Gaze”: Post-Orientalist Perspectives on Chinese Political Thought

Federico Brusadelli
Lisa Indraccolo


Trenton Wilson

Independence and Incredulity: An Essay on Zhang Taiyan, Qin Hui, and the Chinese Political Legacy

Stephen C. Walker

Nature, Power, and Critique in the Huainanzi

Michael Nylan

Xunzi and the Greek Xunzi, Aristotle

Gu Yixin 顧一心

“Antiquity” and its Rhetorical Power: The RevisionaryInvention of a New Model of Literary Learning in Han Time

Yin Shoufu 殷守甫

Election in Barbarian Lands: Representing Inner Asian and Euro-American Political Cultures in Early Modern China

Lisa Indraccolo

Two Handles to Rule Them All: A Structural Analysis of Han Feizi “Er Bing” 韓非子·二柄

Zuo Ya 左婭

Collecting Tears: Lachrymation and Emotions in the Taiping Collectanea