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Oriens Extremus 56 now online

Oriens Extremus 56 with a thematic focus on Max Weber in China, a heretofore unpublished 1986 speech by Liu Xiaobo and much more is now available in our archive! 
You will notice that the archive not only has a new look, but also a few new functions which will make your research easier: You can now search for authors, titles, and keywords in the meta data or do a full text search in all the PDFs via a Google search bar. Furthermore, you can directly browse all authors and issues on the left side.
The current issue Oriens Extremus 57 presents a special section on Marxism in East Asia and beyond. Despite the crisis of the Marxist paradigm after the fall of the Soviet Union, Marxism- Leninism remains an important legacy in China and Korea, with Japanese intellectuals having played a major role as transmitters in the past. For a full overview click here…

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Founded in 1954, Oriens Extremus has continuously been devoted to outstanding research dealing with East Asian cultural and intellectual history. In 2013, it launched a new series with a sharpened profile, designed to open up new prospects in East Asian studies and to promote the exchange with scholars from neighboring disciplines. More…

Call for Papers

Oriens Extremus welcomes articles from any field pertaining to East Asian history in accordance with its subtitle “Kultur, Geschichte, Reflexion in Ostasien” (culture, history, and thought in East Asia) at any time. Please note that Oriens Extremus is a peer-reviewed journal. We also encourage the submission of in-depth review articles and will be glad to provide you with copies of the books you would like to review.

Should you be interested in contributing a paper, either to the special section or concerning another topic, please contact both Kai Vogelsang and Thomas Fröhlich at your earliest convenience. We intend to foster close contact with the contributors in the preparation of the volume and look forward to having a productive collaboration.