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Oriens Extremus 59 is coming soon!

Issue 59.2022 is now in print

Oriens Extremus 59 offers a thematic focus on “Reversing the Gaze”: Post-Orientalist Perspectives on Chinese Political Thought, guest-edited by Federico Brusadelli and Lisa Indraccolo. It features articles by Trenton Wilson (on "Independence and Incredulity"), Stephen C. Walker (on the Huainanzi), Michael Nylan (on the "Greek Xunzi"), Gu Yixin (on the concept of antiquity), Yin Shoufu (on "Elections in Barbarian Lands"), and Lisa Indraccolo (on a chapter from the Han Feizi). Additionally, there is a long research article titled "Collecting Tears: Lachrymation and Emotions in the Taiping Collectanea" and written by Zuo Ya.
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Call for Papers

Oriens Extremus welcomes articles from any field pertaining to East Asian history in accordance with its subtitle “Kultur, Geschichte, Reflexion in Ostasien” (culture, history, and thought in East Asia) at any time. Please note that Oriens Extremus is a peer-reviewed journal. We also encourage the submission of in-depth review articles and will be glad to provide you with copies of the books you would like to review.

Should you be interested in contributing a paper, either to the special section or concerning another topic, please contact both Kai Vogelsang and Thomas Fröhlich at your earliest convenience. We intend to foster close contact with the contributors in the preparation of the volume and look forward to having a productive collaboration.