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Oriens Extremus 58 is out!

Issue 58.2020-2021 offers two special sections

Oriens Extremus 58 opens with a thematic focus on Rethinking Kang Youwei in the twenty-first century, guest-edited by Peter Zarrow and featuring articles by Duan Lian, Pablo Blitstein, Wang Fansen, Carine Defoort, Seán Moores and Lee Ting-mien.
The second special section focuses on Recent Japanese Studies on Chinese Philosophy, with (translated) contributions from Nakajima Takahiro, Ishii Tsuyoshi, Shino Yoshinobu and Watanabe Yoshihiro.
In the general section, Francesca Puglia reflects on the meaning of taiyi in the Taiyi shengshui and Stefanie Schaller introduces the forced remodelling of a memorial site for the Cultural Revolution in Shantou.
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Call for Papers

Oriens Extremus welcomes articles from any field pertaining to East Asian history in accordance with its subtitle “Kultur, Geschichte, Reflexion in Ostasien” (culture, history, and thought in East Asia) at any time. Please note that Oriens Extremus is a peer-reviewed journal. We also encourage the submission of in-depth review articles and will be glad to provide you with copies of the books you would like to review.

Should you be interested in contributing a paper, either to the special section or concerning another topic, please contact both Kai Vogelsang and Thomas Fröhlich at your earliest convenience. We intend to foster close contact with the contributors in the preparation of the volume and look forward to having a productive collaboration.